Wealthy Phoenicians and Arabs of Murcia


Murcia is located on the southeast corner of the Iberian Peninsula, about 65 km from Alicante of Costa Blanca. The city is strategically located in the regions of Valencia, Andalusia and Castilla La Mancha. Usually called Murcia Airport, but the airport is actually in a city called San Javier, about 20 km south of Murcia.

The arrival of several cheap airlines in the past few years has made Murcia Airport more bustling. According to Spanish airport authority Aena, the number of passengers surged from 100,000 in 1995 to 1,6 million in 2006. Regular flights from 16 UK airports with cheap airlines like EasyJet, Ryanair or Monarch Airlines.

Although the airport is in Costa Calida, it is suitable for those traveling to the southern end of Costa Blanca, especially resort towns like Torrevieja or La Manga del Mar Menor. Conveniently located for those traveling to Andalusia, such as Almeriana Granada. This may be one of the main reasons for the popularity of Murcia Airport.

The Murcia region is characterized by rich Phoenician and Arab commercial and agricultural history. Murcia is irrigated by the Segura River, Murdo and Sangonera, creating ideal agricultural conditions for many citrus orchards. Conversely, this area has a lot of dry, dry land where olives and vines thrive. Great wineries have been developed near the villages of Yecla, Bullas and Jumilla.

Murcia’s Mediterranean coastline extends from El Mojon beach in the north to La Carolina beach in the town of Aguilas in the south. The beach is complemented by a selection of hotels, restaurants, golf courses and everything a vacationer might want. Along the coast are peaceful resorts and charming traditional fishing villages, the only major cities being Torrevieja and historic Cartagena Harbour.

If you’re traveling to Murcia, renting a car can make it a lot better. Renting a car in Murcia is very reasonable compared to the cost of public transportation.

If you choose to use a rental car, you can book these services at the airport. However, it’s a good idea to book your car before you leave and make a reservation to get the best price. There are many car rental companies that service San Javier airport, but if you want the most convenient rental service, check if the car rental company offers airport pick-up service. Main terminal building. In some cases, due to the airport tax included in the fare, the service may be a little more expensive, but sometimes a cheap car rental is available at Murcia Airport.

Of course, you can make a reservation by contacting us in advance. If you want to travel a lot in the Murcia region, it is best to choose a car rental company.