Popular log cabin-Cherokee mountain cabin


The log cabin is a small handmade rustic house. It is called a rather permanent, well built and efficient first-generation home building. One type of log cabin that offers unique and comfortable accommodation is a mountain log cabin. It is widely used in remote areas of the mountains in lake houses, hunting lodges, beach houses and guest houses.
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During the mid-century, early settlers in the United States provided refuge from logs. Today, Americans are still rediscovering and improving the natural lifestyle and design of log cabins. The Cherokee Mountain Cabin incorporates basic, practical and functional home units in a variety of styles. They provide a warm atmosphere for a more comfortable and personal getaway.
Advantages of Cherokee cabins

Cherokee Mountain Cabins offer a modern lifestyle with a relatively low cost and energy-efficient structure. Despite the original style and original design, we build a log house with minimal maintenance. They offer private and decorative cottages for a perfect romantic and family vacation.
This manufacturer rents cabins from Western North Carolina. Visitors can rejuvenate by choosing between 1, 2 and 3 bedroom Nanthala cabins. There is a spacious living room, hardwood floor, front porch, leather sofa and stylish kitchen.
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Cherokee Lodge

This lodge lies 30 feet above the white oak creek. It features an Appalachian-style wood with stones. The accommodation has 2 bedrooms with 2 bathtubs. The entire house features a 16-foot cathedral ceiling, oak floors and a fireplace.
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Central heating, 2 Jacuzzi and multi-directional showers are provided. The large kitchen has a counter top, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, refrigerator, oven and washing machine/dryer. Modern amenities include a 42-inch plasma TV, DVD, poll table, hot tub and gas grill.
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It’s a stream side log house with one bedroom and one bathtub. It hangs on the side of the ridge and overlooks White Oak Creek. Hideaway offers excellent amenities in a fully equipped kitchen and entertainment system. It also has a loft game room, pool table, reading area and a hot tub for 2 people.
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Slippery rocks

This cabin has 3 bedrooms and bathrooms near Murphy, North Carolina. The rooms feature unique and luxurious furnishings and handicraft furniture. Near the creek has its own waterfall view and hot tub.
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The first floor of the house has a ceiling of 20 feet and the entertainment area has a surround satellite system. The fully equipped kitchen has a dining room decorated in copper with a Korean countertop. Enjoy the comfort of a king size canopy bed. It has a multi-level outdoor deck and is great for barbecue.
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This cabin is suitable for a quiet family getaway. It is on two lane mountain road in the middle of Nantahala National Forest. It’s the largest cabin a few minutes away from fishing, white water rafting and boating.
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This 3-bedroom cabin has two ½ baths, a fireplace, a manual chisel staircase with loft, and a porch railing. The kitchen has antique utensils with chandeliers. Game and sports enthusiasts can enjoy the modern facilities of an electric dart board, internet-enabled computer in the attic.

Ado Hi Lodge

Adohi means peace. This lodge offers comfortable and quiet accommodation in luxury 2 bedrooms and bathtubs. You can enjoy casual cuisine while enjoying dinner or playing games on the campfire or hot tub. You can also hang your feet on the creek side and take in the mountain views.

The Cherokee Mountain Cabin also offers spacious pavilions for family reunions, weddings or picnics. There is a kitchen, toilet, stove, vanity and an 8 foot cedar picnic table. The entertainment area has a band stage and a movie night DVD player. This is a really good time to get away from the city’s busy life and relax.
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