The Daily Forex and the Daily News

[ad_1] Assuming a trader is very experienced and capable, he will trade the daily Forex market on his own. He can only use automated help when he is lying down, but for the most part his transaction can be done "from the seat of his pants". All of these independent marketers will have different strategies. […]

News Speculators Overview

[ad_1] Henry Liu is not the author of the standard Forex trading books, he has never traded for any bank, or even directly a trader, but he has cleverly panned Forex trading ideas in such a way that helps many Forex retailers to exploit better their business. The speculative news system is based on fundamental […]

Cryptocurrency's Rocky Road: China's ICO Ban

[ad_1] After China's ICO ban, what is the world of cryptocurrencies? The biggest cryptocurrency in the world recently was the Chinese authorities' statement to close exchanges that negotiate cryptocurrencies. As a result, BTCChina, one of the largest stock markets in China, said it would stop trading until the end of September. The news recorded a […]

Forex Trading Solutions

[ad_1] Active traders should agree with me that day trading is not easy, especially when your life depends on your profit from trading. Some survival tips to add to your trading toolbox are: After the Trend: This strategy is used by most commercial businesses and individuals. It assumes that steadily rising currencies and securities will […]

Continuing with Bitcoin

[ad_1] Bitcoin is a cybercurrency that has attracted a lot of media attention over the last two years and continues to do so. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous group or individual in 2009, using the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto, after which it was named the smallest Bitcoin currency. It is the first and arguably the […]

Forex News – How world news affects currencies

[ad_1] Whether you are just starting out or experienced in Forex, it is very important to stay on top with all the Forex news happening in the industry. Remaining intact with what's happening around the world within your industry can be really addictive at times. In addition, with a globalized world it seems that something […]

Forex Breaking News Foreign Currency Trading

[ad_1] Foreign currency trading on the stock markets allows traders to generate income and should never leave the comfort of an office or home. Forex trading is now available on any computer and markets are open twenty-four hours a day and five days a week. What is FOREX Forex is the term for trading foreign […]

What is an ICO in Encryption?

[ad_1] The ICO is short on initial coin offering. When launching a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token, developers offer investors a limited number of units in exchange for other large cryptographic currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. ICOs are great tools for rapidly depleting development funds to support new cryptocurrencies. Brands offered during an ICO can […]