Travel to 8 of the best Easter extravagances

Although it is often not named as such, Easter can be placed together with Thanksgiving and Christmas as one of the essential vacations for families. All it takes is finding a cheap airfare and you can participate in one of the best Easter festivities in the world.

Central Park Egg Hunt Extravaganza

Until he has traveled 40 acres of the 834-acre Central Park in New York in search of the perfect egg, he has not really lived the experience of egg hunting. The event is free and includes an egg race and a rabbit zoo. Fortunately, it is quite easy to get cheap flights to New York throughout the year if you play your cards well, so you don't have to miss this exceptional experience.

Miami Seaquarium Easter Egg Hunt

Get some cheap flights to Miami for Easter and get ready for one of the less traditional egg searches. More like a carnival, the Seaquarium organizes a 5-acre Bunnypalooza every year, complete with attractions, music and face painting. And don't miss the arrival ceremony of the Easter Bunny.

Hayes Easter Egg Roll

You can include some history of the United States in your Easter holidays this year in Ohio. President Rutherford B. Hayes began searching for White House eggs while he was in office, and his traditional one takes place every year at the historic Hayes house in Freemont, Ohio. Pack your history book for flights and you will be well versed to be the family historian of your trip.

Wells Fargo Golden Bunny Classic Candy Hunt and Fun Race

Combine your spring ski vacation packages with your Easter celebration in Winter Park, Colorado. Airlines often offer discounted airfare for spring skiing, so you can easily find a cheap airfare for the resort and be part of the 30-year-old Golden Bunny Classic, with a search for candy in the mountains and a run ski "bunny" for Tots

Roaring Camp Railroad Extraordinary Hunt Easter Egg Hunt

Take the train to the outskirts of Santa Cruz, California, and in just over an hour you will find yourself among the largest trees in the world in the sequoia forest on the top of Bear Mountain for a chocolate egg hunt. In addition to booking your plane tickets in advance, you'll want to make sure you make train reservations in plenty of time to secure your spot.

Cypress Gardens Easter

Visit the Guinness World Record Holder's site for the largest Easter egg hunt at Cypress Gardens theme park near Winter Haven, Florida. The park has just reopened on March 28, so this year's Easter festivities may not be so extravagant, but that only means that it will be a cheap vacation package for your Easter weekend.

Guatemalan Easter Festival

For a more traditional Easter, travel to the Guatemalan Easter Festival in Antigua for one of the biggest Easter and Easter celebrations in the world. The whole city participates in the festivities and, if you can find a cheap air ticket, you could also take it to the city, where some of the Easter traditions date back to the 16th century, including the processional one where the residents border the cobbled streets with designs of Dyed sawdust carpets, pine needles, plants and flowers.

Easter in Europe

For some of the most picturesque Easter egg hunts, travel to the UK. The castles and green hills of England and Scotland will surely offer an unforgettable Easter family vacation. If you can make last-minute travel plans, you could get some affordable plane tickets for the whole family. Also check the days and weeks after Easter weekend to get an off-season discount ticket.