The Daily Forex and the Daily News


Assuming a trader is very experienced and capable, he will trade the daily Forex market on his own. He can only use automated help when he is lying down, but for the most part his transaction can be done "from the seat of his pants".

All of these independent marketers will have different strategies. Some will only trade with charts, some may only negotiate with the price, and others will trade using the Daily News as indicators that dictate their game.

An extreme example of how the Daily News can affect the daily currency market is what happened on 9/11. At that fateful morning, as most Americans watched the atrocities unfold in spectacular silence and mistrust, the dollar began to fall in value. Currency traders in distant places saw the decline and saw the news. As they watched in horror, many of them automatically traded the dollar with other currencies and made huge sums of money. They immediately bought the British pound or the Japanese yen. The dollar fell to its lowest level in a few days as the dollar began to recover traders who bought far larger amounts of dollars than they had sold. In round figures a trader who had sold half a million dollars in the beginning probably ended up with a million by the time he bought dollars back.

Similarly, any bad economic news can have an impact on a currency that forces it at the expense of others, and during this time the assets can become (and be lost).

This is also the case when there is bad political news or news of a disaster. Also, natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis or severe floods, can cause currency fluctuations.
In fact, today is not a day without breaking news that can hurt the currency boats.

For starters in the Forex business don't be foolish enough to start daily Forex trading based solely on News Stories. Here's my advice to you on what it is worth – buy an automated system like the one I use, learn the ropes from your support team, do paper trading or demo trading for a few weeks and eventually start trading small. Do not use leverage until you are very capable.


News Speculators Overview


Henry Liu is not the author of the standard Forex trading books, he has never traded for any bank, or even directly a trader, but he has cleverly panned Forex trading ideas in such a way that helps many Forex retailers to exploit better their business. The speculative news system is based on fundamental announcements. It tries and sees the whole Forex trade through different eyes. According to him, there is always the technical angle to a trader. It makes him evaluate various lines of market trends, and candlestick charts. Further there are the Fibonacci retracements to consider. However, technical angles do not prepare a trader for a few market uncertainties. There is also the mental corner, which allows a trader to earn a bonus on the relevant bait money which results in excess of greed and fear.

Henry Liu believes that the whole commercial market with all its experience loses its valuable work. He thinks hundreds of thousands of times, but the commercialists give a dose. It is fundamental news. Henry Liu, in his newsletter, tries to give such key market news and his neutral views on their impact. According to him, the impact of the market on such news is unexpectedly high, but the Board's dividend statements and significant mergers are losing the dealer's book. Thus, in reviewing the news, Liu gives every neutral review of marketable news, those that have a big impact on the market and add details to commerce, including the timing of news, relevant numbers and the course of action after the new one. if it's time to sell or buy.

In his e-book he defines the great ways to always stay on the best side of the system and to produce up to 25-30 paddles per trade. The speculative news system aims to eliminate the inconsistency associated with trading and make it effective. People love it especially when Henry Liu focuses on a number that is less than or greater than the amount of pips. So the uprising in the sector is coming to the fore. It can be traded in London, it can be traded on Nikkei at any time. The good part is, through reviewing the news news, it allows us to exchange and benefit from it. 25-30 pips per trade is no average business and they are all possible with attention to fundamental announcements.

Henry Liu suggests that there are two types of traders. those who learn all the technical terminology of the issues and understand its execution. These people thanks to forums and online trading rooms, but there is never enough stairs to live accounts there. Others who understand only rally theory and correction, support and resistance but learn the impact of fundamental news on world Forex trading and end up being the ultimate winners. News Profiteer helps you get the best insights on market cycles, precise market entry and exit times, and more. Believe in the power of the newsletter and design skeletons you never thought possible.


Cryptocurrency's Rocky Road: China's ICO Ban


After China's ICO ban, what is the world of cryptocurrencies?

The biggest cryptocurrency in the world recently was the Chinese authorities' statement to close exchanges that negotiate cryptocurrencies. As a result, BTCChina, one of the largest stock markets in China, said it would stop trading until the end of September. The news recorded a sharp drop that allowed bitcoin (and other currencies such as Etherium) to fall by about 30% below record highs earlier this month.

Consequently, the cryptocurrency rollercoaster continues. With bitcoin surging more than quadrupled from December 2016 to September 2017, some analysts predict they may be hiding from recent declines. Josh Mahoney, a market analyst at IG, commented that "the past experience of cryptocurrencies tells us that these latest challenges will probably be eliminated."

However, these feelings do not come without contrast. Mr Dimon, Managing Director of JPMorgan Chase, observed that bitcoin was "not going to work" and that "it is a scam … worse than tulip lamps (compared to the Dutch 17th century" tulip mania ", the first speculative bubble in the world) … to blow up. " He goes so far as to say that he would shoot down workers who were stupid enough to trade in bitcoin.

Beyond speculation, what's really going on? Since the ban on China's ICO, other world-dominated economies are re-examining how the globalized world should / can be regulated in their regions. Instead of banning ICOs, other countries continue to recognize the technological benefits of cryptocurrencies and are looking at market control without completely stifling currency development. The big issue for these economies is to figure out how to do this, as the alternative nature of cryptocurrencies does not allow them to be classified in traditional investment property policies.

Some of these countries include Japan, Singapore and the US. These economies are seeking to establish cryptocurrency accounting standards, notably to tackle money laundering and fraud, which have become more elusive due to encryption technology. However, most regulators recognize that there seems to be no real benefit to completely banning cryptocurrencies due to the financial flows they carry. Also, probably because it is virtually impossible to close the crypt-world for as long as the internet is there. Regulators can only focus on areas where they may be able to exercise some control, which seems to be the case when cryptocurrencies meet fiat currencies (ie cryptocurrency exchanges).

While cryptocurrencies seem to be subject to more scrutiny as time goes on, such events benefit some countries such as Hong Kong. Since the Chinese ICO ban, many founders of cryptocurrency projects have been driven from the mainland to the city. Aurelian Menant, Managing Director of Gatecoin, said the company received "a large number of inquiries from proprietors based in the mainland" and that there was a noticeable increase in the number of Chinese customers registering on the platform.

Looking a little further, companies like Nvidia have expressed a positive attitude towards the event. They argue that this ICO ban will only fuel GPU sales, as the ban will likely increase the demand for cryptocurrency-related GPUs. With the ban, the only way to get cryptocurrencies extracted with GPUs is to extract them with computing power. As a result, people who want to gain cryptocurrencies in China now need to gain more computing power, as opposed to straight lines of exchange. In essence, Nvidia's feelings are that this is not a downward spiral for cryptocurrencies. in fact, other industries will also gain momentum.

In the light of all the turmoil and discussions around cryptocurrencies, the integration of technology into global economies seems to be in a hurry. Whether or not you believe in the future of technology or think it's a "scam … that will blow up", the encryption shield is worth a look.


What are all the things to keep in mind during Bitcoins trading?


Nowadays, in the world of digital terms and online, people are trading currencies online. When it comes to the internet, one of the most famous topics of this millennium discussed is cryptocurrencies. With the help of blockchain, these currencies are created and traded and the number of users is simply increasing. However, like any other trading, bitcoin trading also has its ups and downs of its own set of rules to follow. Trading always involves a great deal of risk, but if one is smart enough and knows how to manage risks properly, they can easily do so.

Some of the things to keep in mind during the transaction are:

Make a plan

There should be a clear plan for when to start and when to stop. Trading straight away without having a plan can be disastrous for profit and loss equilibrium. It is intended to set a desired level, when profits should be collected and when we must stop to minimize losses. People need to be informed about all the pros and cons and all the commercial trends that are taking place in the market. Trading everyday is not recommended, because some big traders are always out there, waiting for the innocent traders to catch up.

Danger management

People should use risk management tools and understand how to distribute risk perfectly through a trading portfolio. This will allow gradual and substantial gains to appear over a certain period of time. They should also bear in mind that trading in the high risk market with an advantage can lead to greater losses. Instead, making smaller profits in a low to medium risk market can make them good bitcoin traders.

Do not buy all trading news

Many people before trading tend to read the news about market trends and when and where to trade pieces. Most of the time these pieces can be one-sided and have a biased opinion. This can lead to bad decisions and complicated knowledge about the bitcoin trading scenario. Instead, people need to read about financial markets and how to minimize the risk bumps that can help make your deal smarter in the long run.

Identify scams

Like any other financial industry, bitcoins and other encryption markets are also being paid for by fraud, with many groups looking for bitcoins and naïve traders. No one should jump into any situation, even if tempted by a bigger profitable scene. Think before trading because bitcoins are uninsured and if they get lost in a scam, there is no way to fix the situation. Always pay attention to new investments or the large number of investments that can be a sign of fraud.


News Specs System Review – Can You Exchange News For Profit?


Welcome to the revision of the speculative news system. This system has helped a lot in my marketing. You just know little about the news that you are gaining an advantage, as many heavyweight traders are using the news.

After much searching on the internet for reviews and testimonials of this system, I was hoping to find at least some bad words about it. If you look at other forex trading systems on the internet, such as some forex robots, you can always have at least some people talking to them. I found a bad comment about this, and that seemed pretty cliché. He said "don't bother – it doesn't work, you don't believe what you hear". There are not many details of the elements to be continued. And all the other reviews were positive. So, I took the dive and lowered $ 197 to get the system.

What do you really get

At this time, modern sales letters that are confusing and often leave people (and sometimes in any case, frustrated because they do not get to this point, are only going for one kind of dream, I thought readers would just point out what you get with the system, including anything else that is sold to you after you sign up. You take:

  1. An eBook in 113 pages in PDF format
  2. A free weekly prospectus newsletter
  3. A daily email on what to expect in forex markets, what news they trade and why

So is it worth it?

With any forex system, many depend on the user. This is not a cop – it is a fact. Talk to anyone who sends regular advice or deals and they will tell you that for exactly the same signal, to stop losing and aim, people will have many different results. Some people will hit the target, others will be fired before, others will be over, while others will have some loss, perhaps shifting their stances too early.

BUT – this system is really easy to implement and simple. I believe this is an important point. From my experience, it is simple systems that are the best. If you follow this system correctly, I believe you will have an 80% profitable system. That's all you need to become a millionaire – a system that saves 80% of the time. You don't really need that – it's just a system that is profitable and you can scale.

The BIG point that attracted me to this system is that it gives you an advantage. There are various statistics that are thrown on the internet about how many people fail in trading. Some say 95%, some say 90%. I don't know where these data come from, but after a few years and a lot of trying to make a profit, I can believe it's a high number. If you want to trade successfully, it must work as a business. That means you need an edge over all the millions of other forex traders around the world. Not everyone can become rich – this is the truth, so that the stock market and the forex behave in such a way that the majority always loses and a minority wins.

Trade with big dogs

We all see the huge movements that the news creates. It's the big players that drive those markets – how is it that they are always in the first place? They have an advantage – knowledge of fundamental news and their effects – and that gives you that too.

Think about it – how many marketers are really studying and understanding the news and how will it affect the market? Not many! Sure, many traders will look at a financial calendar, but most traders are studying the latest technical analysis indicator. In general, most marketers do not understand the news and how different releases will affect the market. In this business you should have an advantage over other traders. I am right? Many of the big marketers have said it's not like that?

Henry Liu really gets into the basics and how to understand it. He shows you this in the book in a simple and easy way. This is well supported by the daily emails that are sent. One of the best points about this lesson and the daily emails is that you can also learn about how to resell news. You can learn about advanced fundamental analysis – which in my opinion is the missing link for forex trading. Can you exchange news for profit? Yes!


Forex Trading Solutions


Active traders should agree with me that day trading is not easy, especially when your life depends on your profit from trading. Some survival tips to add to your trading toolbox are:

After the Trend: This strategy is used by most commercial businesses and individuals. It assumes that steadily rising currencies and securities will continue to rise. They then seek to enter what Fibonacci Traders call reset or pull backs / corrections. When a Trend Trader discovers or realizes that the market trend is UP, he only waits for the price to correct or decrease significantly and then join the Secondary Trend before continuing its uptrend. Voltage traders assume that there are three types of voltage in any market. Primary or Large Voltage, Secondary Voltage and Low or Opposite Voltage. The main trend is the main trend of the day or the week or the month, depending on the time the trader chooses for the trade and what he sees as his big picture of the market, while the secondary trend is the repetition of the Main Trend after the purchase has terminated its reinstatement or withdrawal. The Small Voltage is a movement in the direction that reverses the upside, then price drops become a small trend and most of the time they do not last as long as the primary trend. Very often, we can observe that the low voltage reverts to 50% to 61.8% of the previous main voltage shift before the correction is completed.

Breaking News: This strategy is to buy or sell a currency or security in a country that has just announced good news for the economy. One example is what happened during the third week of February 2009. President Obama's fiscal stimulus bill had just been approved by Congress. The news of this event made waves during the weekend that gave birth to the third week and week of the US dollar witnessing multiple weeks against all major currencies around the world for three consecutive days. It should be noted that the markets were simply against all technical forecasts because of the information combined with other fundamental news that was not favorable to the pound sterling and the euro. The following sites are places where you can get news from etc. A great strategy that you can learn to benefit from your news feeds when news marketing is overlapping. This allows you to stop buying stops and sell stop orders just minutes before a critical news event.

Trading Range: With this strategy a trader tries to buy when the market is in the support area over sell and sells in the range again when the market is in the resistance area over sell. Hedgers also use this when they are unsure of what the market is up to.

Scalping: usually defined as a very fast trade. A scalper can simply operate either in 1 minute or 5 minute time, taking only about 5 pips to 10 pips per trade and entering as many as 50 transactions per trading day. The use of multiple and large batch sizes can make this strategy very satisfying as well as risky.


Continuing with Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a cybercurrency that has attracted a lot of media attention over the last two years and continues to do so. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous group or individual in 2009, using the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto, after which it was named the smallest Bitcoin currency. It is the first and arguably the most widely used encryption. Originally concerned only with the elite of the internet, Bitcoin has gained wider appeal in recent years and is mandated to respect itself in foreign currency.

How does Bitcoin work?

The more detailed details of how Bitcoin works can be difficult to understand because they are not centrally controlled like a conventional currency, but each transaction is collectively approved by a network of users. There are no coins and notes, there are no dome bars, but the Bitcoin offer is finite, it will stop at 21 million. Every 10 minutes, 25 Bitcoins are found by Bitcoin's "miners" and every 4 years the number of Bitcoins released decreases by half until it reaches the limit. This means that there will be no further release of Bitcoins after 2140.

Why Do I Need Bitcoin News?

The price has historically been very volatile, with significant peaks and declines from time to time. Recently, the price of a Bitcoin has increased more than 10 times in just two months. In 2013 several Bitcoin Millionaires became overnight when the value of their Bitcoin wallets increased dramatically. If you already have some bitcoins in your digital wallet, or are thinking of dipping a finger in the water, then you really need to keep up with Bitcoin News. Trading Bitcoin is an increasingly popular alternative or add-on to conventional currency trading, and is growing in support as more brokers take the plunge.

Despite the gradually declining rate of Bitcoin detection, interest in Bitcoin news continues. There is a real and constant demand for reliable, up to date information about its value. Bitcoin has recently received strong support from PayPal, which will certainly boost confidence in its credibility as a viable alternative to conventional bank cards or cash transactions online and down the road. This may lead to some ways to reassure Bitcoin critics who argue that the system is used to authorize or validate transactions, called Blockchain, and is not safe and vulnerable to hacker attack.


Forex News – How world news affects currencies


Whether you are just starting out or experienced in Forex, it is very important to stay on top with all the Forex news happening in the industry. Remaining intact with what's happening around the world within your industry can be really addictive at times. In addition, with a globalized world it seems that something is happening somewhere at any time of the season.

Financial news

Here are some of the latest news that has happened in and around the forex industry that will affect your business in some ways. Keep in mind that foreign exchange currencies are always combined so you should receive relatively new news about comparing two different currencies or commodities. Some examples of related news that will have an impact on various currencies around the world will be.

– A recent story reported that retailers had just collapsed into a net short position on the same day that the British pound gained 200 points plus the rally.

-Forex traders monitor the decline in US mortgage deposits very carefully, measuring the market for mortgage mortgages.

-When the US Fed cut its interest rates recently, a Forex news agency said expectations for the US dollar were "falling like a rock".

– Fears of a recession in the United States may drive the dollar even lower than it already is. (In Forex trading, the fact that the dollar falls is not considered negative, as long as the trader benefits from the fall when trading for higher prices, more valuable coins around the glove.

Political news

Most people have the wrong impression that monetary and financial news are the only things that interest any foreign exchange trade, but political news is very important as it can give you a hint about the political movement of different nations and where the country is headed them. You have to make sure you follow the trend going around the world.

Monetary and financial news are not the only news for investors and Forex traders. Forex traders are also interested in political news that can have an impact on a country's currency.

– Tragic events, such as the murder of a political leader, can affect the future of coins in the country where the event occurs and can affect the regions. for example, the murder of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan.

– Natural disasters such as an earthquake, hurricane or hurricane can consume a lot of country resources. Therefore, Forex traders are watching news of such disasters.

-Political events, such as the US presidential election cycle, have a significant impact on monetary valuation. As a result, Forex news contains updates on presidential candidates, early elections and general elections.

New Analysis

Forex news services add value to the news they provide by analyzing current events and predicting how they will affect the exchange rates of different currencies around the world.

Some popular sources for Forex research and analysis are: Daily FX, Daily Rabobank, FPO, Scotia FX, TRL, Mizuho Corporate Bank, CIBC World Markets, BHF Bank and Mellon Foreign Exchange.


Forex Breaking News Foreign Currency Trading


Foreign currency trading on the stock markets allows traders to generate income and should never leave the comfort of an office or home. Forex trading is now available on any computer and markets are open twenty-four hours a day and five days a week.

What is FOREX

Forex is the term for trading foreign currencies on international stock markets. Currency trading allows nations to create foreign currency reserves for use in markets and financial transactions. Investors are part of the process and are seeking to buy a foreign currency that trades at a lower interest rate on the prospects of exchange rate fluctuations and the currency that is most valuable later. Many Forex trading is done on a daily basis and there are computer programs and applications that assist the buying and selling processes. Many applications will automatically trade when foreign currencies approach a certain exchange rate against other currencies. Larger banks and market exchanges, such as CITI, can help with currency trading and managing investor accounts.

Breaking News

There are several websites that provide news on foreign exchange trading so far. Any investor seeking to return his or her investment must remain adjusted to the latest currency markets. Sites, such as, will keep an investor updated on all Forex developments. These websites constantly scan market information and report all market trends. Following turmoil such as the depreciation of the euro during the financial crisis in Ireland and the British pound against the euro allow investors to quickly adjust their trading strategies to get into the right market and avoid losses. Foreign currency transactions operate on the same principles as any open trading market, while staying abreast of changes allow investors to maximize returns and reduce risk.

For all foreign currency sports news the investor would be wise to subscribe to a news service that remains at the top of the markets and automates the trading process. The cost of these services will be covered by the upward trades that maximize performance every day.


What is an ICO in Encryption?


The ICO is short on initial coin offering. When launching a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token, developers offer investors a limited number of units in exchange for other large cryptographic currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

ICOs are great tools for rapidly depleting development funds to support new cryptocurrencies. Brands offered during an ICO can be sold and traded on cryptocurrencies, assuming there is sufficient demand for them.

Ethereum ICO is one of the most notable successes and the popularity of Initial Coin Offers is growing as we speak.

Brief ICO history

Ripple is probably the first cryptocurrency distributed through ICO. In early 2013, Ripple Labs began developing the Ripple payment system and generated approximately 100 billion XRP chips. These were sold through an ICO to fund the development of Ripple's platform.

Mastercoin is another type of encryption that has sold several million chips for Bitcoin during an ICO, also in 2013. Mastercoin aims to tokenize Bitcoin transactions and execute smart contracts, creating a new layer over the existing Bitcoin code .

Of course, there are other cryptocurrencies that have been successfully funded through ICOs. In 2016, Lisk raised about $ 5 million in their initial bid.

However, Ethereum's ICO, which took place in 2014, is perhaps the most important so far. During the ICO, the Ethereum Foundation sold ETH for 0.0005 Bitcoin each, raising nearly $ 20 million. With Ethereum harnessing the power of smart contracts, it paved the way for the next generation of Initial Currency Offers.

Ethereum's ICO, a recipe for success

Ethereum's smart contract has implemented the ERC20 protocol standard that sets the basic rules for creating other compliant brands that can be processed on the Ethereum blockchain. This has allowed others to create their own brands, in accordance with the ERC20 standard, which can be traded for ETH directly on the Ethereum network.

DAO is a notable example of successful use of Ethereum smart contracts. The investment firm raised $ 100 million in ETH and investors received DAO tokens in exchange for allowing them to participate in the platform's governance. Unfortunately, the DAO failed after his insult.

Ethereum's ICO and the ERC20 protocol describe the latest generation of blockchain-based projects through initial coin offerings.

It also made it easy to invest in other ERC20 brands. Just transfer ETH, paste the contract into your wallet and new chips will appear in your account so you can use them as much as you please.

Obviously, not all cryptocurrencies carry ERC20 chips that live on the Ethereum network, but almost any new blockchain-based project can launch an initial coin offering.

The legal status of ICOs

When it comes to the legitimacy of ICOs, it's a little jungle out there. Theoretically, brands are sold as digital goods and not as financial assets. Most jurisdictions are not regulated by ICOs, however, assuming the founders have an experienced lawyer in their team, the whole process should be paperless.

However, some jurisdictions are knowledgeable of ICOs and are already working to regulate them in a manner similar to the sale of stocks and securities.

In December 2017, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classified ICOs as securities. In other words, the Securities and Exchange Commission has been prepared to stop ICOs who regard them as misleading investors.

There are some cases where the badge is simply an auxiliary mark. This means that the owner can simply use it to access a particular network or protocol, so it cannot be defined as financial security. However, stock brands that are meant to appreciate their value are very close to the concept of security. Truth be told, most symbol purchases are made specifically for investment purposes.

Despite the efforts of regulators, ICOs still remain in a gray legal field, and until clearer regulations are put in place, traders will try to take advantage of the initial currency offerings.

It is also worth noting that once regulations are finalized, the costs and effort required to comply could make ICOs less attractive than conventional financing options.

Final words

For the time being, ICOs remain a great way of financing new encryption-related projects and have had multiple successes with more.

However, do not forget that everyone is launching ICOs today and many of these projects are scams or lack the solid foundation they need to thrive and make it worth investing. For this reason, you should definitely do a thorough research and explore the team and background of any encryption project you would like to invest in. There are many websites out there that list ICOs, we recommend checking out this ICO calendar if you are interested in investing in an encryption project.